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1520, 930/ICON, and 830...Which is most durable?


New member
Aug 14, 2014
The 1520's screen is known to not be a survivor of drops ( even short ones ), but how do the 830, and 930 compare... If you have one of these phones and have dropped it, could you share what happened...did it have a case? Did it crack? Did it not crack?


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
You can't say for sure since its a very rough science.

There's just so many factors involved. I saw a drop test where some guy threw a white Lumia 920 up past a lamp post and it got away with only a serious dent on the corner.

My 920 fell two feet into its face and cracked the glass' corner.

You'll find no shortage of tales like these, this model surviving some insane drop, but then another being sneezed on and exploding.

Rotation, material, height, angle, what it lands on... etc.
Best bet is to get a protective case.

The 1520's sheer screen size may make it more vulnerable to force on the glass actually.