2011 models to have ATSC Mobile/Handheld Digital TV receivers?


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Jul 13, 2008
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Since most broadcasters launching mobile digital TV services in the fall of 2011...
will we expect hardware makers to include a receiver for digital TV in phones? specifically the new
ATSC Mobile/Handheld Digital Television Standard

a little background info if you did not know:
ATSC-M/H (Advanced Television Systems Committee - Mobile/Handheld) is a standard in the USA for mobile digital TV, that allows TV broadcasts to be received by mobile devices.[1] Its official appellation is A/153.

"A/153 Mobile Handheld (M/H)" standard adopted by the ATSC

ATSC-M/H would be free to air, as are regular broadcast signals.

ATSC-M/H bandwidth consumes fixed chunks of 917kbit/s out of the total ATSC Bandwidth.
just so you know most high definition video starts out as
about 994 Mbps for video without any audio.
the standard ATSC broadcast for HD is about 18 Mbps which equals a compression ratio of more than 55:1.
When you cut that down to 917 kbps it is compressed alot more including the maximum bitrate of 288 kBit/s of stereo audio.

and for the audiophiles even though it is TV:
Part 8 “AHE AAC Audio System Characteristics” defines the High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC v2) Audio System in the ATSC Mobile DTV system.

AAC Sampling Frequency Maximum Bitrate / AAC Core Channel
48 kHz 288 kBit/s
32 kHz 192 kBit/s

With AT&T's U-Verse it is obviously in direct competition as AT&T you pay a monthly fee to AT&T.
With a ATSC-M/H Digital TV tuner it is free over-the-air television.

The radio industry is trying to get HDR chipsets into mobile phones by 2012.
We already know the radio industry is trying to get the hybrid-digital (HD) receivers into mobile phones will the ATSC-M/H Digital TV receivers also be put into mobile phones as standard by 2012?

Will Microsoft mandate it to the hardware makers?
Is it competition with Microsoft's Zune video service?
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Daniel Rubino

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Jan 19, 2006
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Haven't heard anything about this but best bet is to look at Qualcomm and see what they're upcoming chipsets feature.

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