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40 million credit cards stolen from Target


Apr 16, 2011
Congrats to stupid businesses who store data they don't need to store and have not the means to secure it...


New member
Jul 4, 2011
I got slammed by the local "Shnucks" in Champaign (A very large grocery store chain popular in the Mid West, for those not familier with it.) about a year ago. Over 300 cards hit from that one store, and all I did was buy a muffin .

Dang, it was a good muffin though.

Also, purely as a coincidence, I tried to use my debit card on Monday, and it was declined. (Stupid embarrasing.) Called my credit union, and they said they discountinued it due to suspicious activities online:

Over $1,000 online purchase at Home Depot, $700 at Happy Feet (shoes store), and another wierd purchase I can't remember.

Suddenly, I was okay with them shutting off my card and stopping those payments.

Identity theives are just like locust right now. The funny part is, they really need to watch whose ID they steal. I ain't got nowhere NEAR enough cash to be covering that stuff. They need a better mark.

Hope no one on WPC is hurt by this Target failure. This is big time (today's understatement).

Laura Knotek

Mar 31, 2012
When I was in school, I did a report for my Network Security course about Albert Gonzalez, the leader of the group that hacked TJX. He still had not been sentenced at the time I did the report. What was controversial in that case was that he was working for the government at the time he hacked TJX. My instructor wanted a report about the pros and cons of hiring hackers.


New member
Mar 14, 2013
My mother got an email from her bank saying her card was affected. But they caught it and are sending a new card so its not terrible