Accessing Case Sensitive Network Shares correctly from Windows (10+)?

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Aug 23, 2021
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I use Windows 10 and have several *nix network shares mounted.

There are many folders and files that vary in case on those shares, several with the same name but different case.

When accessing these shares in Windows 10, the folders with the same name yet different case do not show up in Explorer - in fact, only 1 folder shows (which is confusing, since the contents are usually different). When renaming or working on these folders, strange behaviour occurs.

Is there a way to ensure Windows 10 recognises case sensitive network shares?

They're Samba shares and have 'case sensitive = auto', but the samba manual indicates Windows machines do not send the case sensitive request to samba.

ps I'm not referring to local drives and Windows accessing NTFS case sensitively, although some of the network shares are NTFS and some of the local machine that house them DO have Windows 10 NTFS case sensitive enabled, the share is not case sensitive.

Edit: Windows 10 does recognise case sensitive network shares (views them), however does not allow the creation of case sensitive folders or filenames on those *nix SMB shares (eg ext4/btrfs), even though those FS's are case sensitive.
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