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Adobe Reader Pdf residues


New member
Sep 18, 2013
On my Lumia 520 with wp8.1 (preview for developer version with update 1),I noticed a peculiar thing about the adobe reader application.I had downloaded several pdf files through uc browser.I opened some of them through the Adobe reader.As the phone screen is too small to read ebooks ,I transferred the pdf files to my desktop pc and deleted the pdf files on my phone.After deletion,all those pdf files are gone,as is normal.But what is strange is that when I open Adobe Reader app in my phone,the Documents pane of the app shows all those deleted pdf files and they can be opened and read.That means the files are still there.I deleted those pdfs again from within the adobe reader app.Question is where are they stored?They are not on my sd card because sd card files can't be deleted from Adobe Reader.Then were they in the phone memory?But even after deleting at least 500 Mb of pdfs I saw no change in the free space of my phone memory.Anyone has any idea?

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