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After the new Outlook.com upgrade contact pics no longer show up on my iPhone?

Amy s1

New member
Apr 1, 2016
Hi. I have my iphone set up with my outlook.com account for mail, calendar, and contacts. I used to see all my contacts pictures on the phone.

But then my outlook.com account got upgraded to the new style recently, and since then I no longer have contact photos. I just have initials. Maybe it is just a coincidence in timing and I just didnt notice it. I don't know.

For troubleshooting, I deleted and re-added the account. Didn't help.

Also, I tried updating a picture on my phone manually, and then checked the People app on Windows 10. The picture didnt get sent to Windows 10, and all the pictures there were also initials now.

So, if anyone has any ideas about what may be going on, I would really, really appreciate the help. Thank you!