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New member
Dec 24, 2013
So, considering I am one of the very limited number of 925 owners in Lebanon, there is no such thing as cases or screen protectors (I got a Lumia 800 screen protector which was official Nokia and top notch though). So I decided to go shop at aliexpress and found some great deals and the prices are incredibly low ($2 for a decent cover), my online credit card is coming and I will share my experience when I decide to actually use it. But please share yours too.

FYI: aliexpress is the Chinese Amazon with cheaper prices and higher risks, though the company is trying to overhaul their image and break in the western market.


New member
Nov 22, 2013
When the Lumia 1320 came out in India, there was no back case or flip cover available anywhere here. I found a lot of makes and models on AliExpress. I ordered from there and it reached me in 20 days.

Sport Driver

New member
Apr 1, 2013
I just received a power bank today. I'm quite happy with them. So far I ordered about 6 watches from them and all work good. Big plus from me.

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