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Alternative Affordable Sexy All-In-One to the amazing Vizio AIO

Cody Patterson

New member
Jun 28, 2013
A few years back Vizio entered the PC market and it is really disappointing that they didn't stay in it. They released the sexiest looking AIO and laptops I have ever seen, but they no longer are selling or updating them. The next best part was the price, not only did they look awesome, they were priced very low for what you got. I honestly kinda want to buy the newest 27" AIO from them, used, just because I've always wanted one so bad, but at the same time I want something that is newer today just for the better processing, graphics, and native with Windows 10. Is there anything comparable to the Vizio products? I personally have yet to see anything even close to them in how high end they look. Obviously the iMac is a good alternative, but I want a Windows based PC, sadly I haven't seen anything that I really find is as high end looking. Maybe the closest thing to good is the highest end Dell AIO. The problem with that is I have $1200 in Dell financing I can use bad the 27" version of that starts at $1500 so I can't afford that. The Vizio honestly was the best, because it looked great and was affordable, but I just can't seem to find anything comparable. What do you think out there is worth looking at that is that designer looking and priced great? I'm a graphics designer, website manager, social media manager, marketing and musician for a living btw. (I'm the Creative Arts Director at a church.)