And a bag of Chips??


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Jun 30, 2013
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My employer provides phones to all workers. We had BlackBerrys then branched out to iPhones (Android is not allowed per IT). I am the lone wolf among my co-workers. I have a Lumia 928. I am up for renewal and find myself torn between another Windows Phone and the iPhone 6. I really enjoy the Live Tiles/Home Screen vs the static screen/waving left & right that is iOS (my wife has an iPhone). Personally, I think iPhones are for those who grew up on AOL.

The 928 takes great pictures; so much better that I have all but stowed away my Canon point & shoot. I have the Denim update and while everyone raves about the fast start up of Lumia Camera, it is just not happening on my 928. I have switched back to Microsoft Camera. My wife is due for an upgrade, too. While looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6+ she was using the camera. That camera = Amazing! As fast as she could tap the screen, it was taking pictures! And the pictures came out clear and in focus! I was stunned! Also, don?t get me started on the comparison between the panorama feature. Windows Phone didn?t hear the starter?s gun.

Apps. I didn't think Apps would be a big deal to me. I?m not a gamer. However, I find myself longing for Apps (or in most instances, the features in Apps) that are on the iPhone. Enough said.

What I want in a phone:
1.) Universal Search feature. Case in point: at work, on our PCs, we use the desktop version of Outlook. I have an Outlook Contact who runs a cleaning business, Winston Wolf. While his name and his business (Winston?s Cleaning) show up in the results of a People search on the Windows Phone, the notes I typed in the Outlook Contact card about Winston?s side businesses of burning cars and burying bodies fail to show up anywhere during a search on the phone: People Search nor Cortana.
2.) Plug in a USB memory stick. This article intrigues me:
Windows 10 to launch with support for USB 3.0 successor | Peripherals News | TechRadar
With Windows 10, would I be able to plug-in a memory stick, moves files between the phone and memory stick? Would I be able to save files to the memory stick? If I could do this, I would give up the need for an SD memory card slot. It would seem that this would be an eventuality. Question is: which phone is going to develop this feature first?
3.) When will I be able to save a PDF to my Windows Phone? Or any type of attachment ? other than a photo ? for that matter?
a. In the reverse, when will I be able to start an email, search for an attachment ? other than just photos ? and attach the document to the email? Presently, we have to find the attachment, select Share, select Email and start that way. This way is counter-productive to me.
4.) A few of my co-workers and some friends now have the iPhone 6. That is a really BIG screen! I can?t imagine using the iPhone 6+! The 6 might too big for my hands. I like the 928 screen size; it fits in my pants pockets easily enough. However, something a little bigger, between 4.7? and 6? would be perfect for my hand size.
5.) While I am dreaming, I might as well dream of world peace and hope that Microsoft and Google bury the hatchet in my lifetime.

Windows 10 - I hope it is all that and a bag of chips. I mentioned that we have PCs, use Microsoft productivity software and I have a 928. I hope that instead of a lone wolf that I become the shining example in my office on how to truly be productive.


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Aug 26, 2014
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I had a bag of chips with my dinner tonight, so I can make a pretty fair comparison. What Windows 10 for phones promises is way better than a bag of chips, trust me. :)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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