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Any good Windows Phone 8.1 vs Android 5 performance comparison?


New member
Oct 11, 2012
I own a Nokia Lumia 630 and it is very stable and fast and I'd really like to know how is Android compared to Windows Phone nowadays.
I believe that (and I see everywhere on the Internet) WP is lighter than Android and therefore faster in general (say, when both run in a device with comparable specs).
But I wanted anybody who actually tested or uses both Android and Windows Phone to answer some questions:

1) How faster is Windows Phone 8.1 than Android 5?
2) What does an Android phone need to run as fast as Windows Phone? (how much memory, processor, etc)
3) Popular and well famous Android low/mid-end devices (like Moto G) are comparable to Windows Phone in therms of performance?

Thank you!

ps.: I'd prefer objective rathar than opinion based answers :grin: