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So, here's the deal. I updated my old Nokia 625 to Windows Phone 10. I used to have an iPod nano, so I was okay with having not much storage on my phone and a very small micro SD (2 gb). That was until my iPod died after nearly 6 years of use. Unable to currently buy a new SD card since I'm so broke I can't even pay for a book because of college expenses, I was happy to see that Groove Music offered me the option of syncing my music with OneDrive. Until the stupid app told me I am unable to use Groove Music in my region (Costa Rica).

So that's why I'm here. Is there any music app, appart from Groove, that would allow me to access my music from OneDrive? I'm desperate here, people. I know SD cards aren't that expensive, but seriously I have no money for nothing as I have to pay for medicine books and tuition and scrubs and school materials. It's really expensive. If anyone could help a fellow windows user I would deeply appreciate it.

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