Any way to get the old version of "Transfer My Data" w/SD Card support?

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In the past I have used the Transfer My Data App to backup my SMS text messages and MMS to my SD card and then was able to restore them the same way after wiping my phone or switching phones. At some point they updated the App and removed this functionality so it now only works over Bluetooth. I'm actually trying to switch between two Lumia 640s so Bluetooth would be fine but its only transferring less than half of my messages. I also tried "contacts+message backup" which apparently is an old WP8 settings app but it crashes most of the time and got even less of my messages.

Is it possible to sideload an old version of store apps to these phones? I know there's the option in the settings to allow Sideloading. And if it is possible how do I go about it all.

Another avenue I'm exploring is switching to a Samsung Galaxy Express 3 my friend gave me. Is there an app for android that can bring our text messages over? AT&T Mobile Transfer doesn't support Text messages from Windows Phones it seems.

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