Anyone else having trouble getting a refund when cancelling your subscription?


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Jun 3, 2013
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After the sad news hit of Groove being discontinued. I decided to jump ship right away and get my refund. I went to my MSA and canceled my groove account. This is were it went downhill

  • The website tells me cannot cancel because the subscriptions been paid for.
  • I contact support and I get the message that they can cancel and refund in MS credits but I won't get 60 days of free spotify. I did want to take advantage of this and asked how to get it. MS could not provide an alweer and decided to mail me mayer.
  • After a few days of radio silence I decided to contact support again. Somehow I could only get the 60 days if I waited for december when Groove officially gets buried
  • I decide not to take the 60 days, 30 will do. For some reason though the support could only pay me back in credits, but I want to buy the Spotify subscription with my refund. The rep states that I can use the credits for a Spotify account. When asked how, she didn't know. So it's decided the matter will be forwarded to some other internal teams. I'd get an email, they said.
  • Again, couple of days later I contact support again. They check my case and tell me that I somehow never paid for the subscription and that no money was charged from my PayPal. However I have proof that it did, so I sent the screenshot. They are baffled and told me they'd send an email the next day.
  • the email came, again stating that the charge did not go through...
  • I tweet and my case gets sent to a "tier 3" support line. They'd call me the next day.
  • I got an email the next day saying that it was still under investigation

Meanwhile my refund is diminishing daily. I just wanted to check if anyone else is experiencing issues with cancelling their subscriptions because I'm at a loss...

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