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Appearently my product key is blocked?

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So i finally god win 10 working after several days of struggling with the installation, i installed from usb and it ask for a product key so i have tried both my win 7 key and i also located another key which apparently was on my Win 10 - the second code did not denie my right away but later comes to a message saying we can't activate your windows 10.

Does this mean i don't have a genuine version and do i have to pay 200 dollars to make it work?

Rising Mos

New member
Dec 2, 2012
I am a little bit confused. Did you buy windows 10? Or did you just upgrade from Windows 7?

If you upgraded from windows 7, is this a laptop or a desktop?

If it is a desktop, did you build it yourself or did you buy it from a store and somebody else built it?

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