Apps disappear with 14295.1000


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Oct 8, 2012
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So last night (Tuesday night) my phone was acting weird. It had been a few days since I rebooted it, so I restarted it and put it on the charger near my bed. I was on, I believe, 14295.1000.

This AM I unlocked my phone, and all I see is the Search bar on the app list screen. No apps. No start Screen. Just search. I could get into settings. If I searched for an app, nothing came up, but I did get the option to look for the app in the store. If I go into the store, I can click Open for most of my apps.

I thought maybe an update hung, so I checked for updates, which brought me to 14295.1005. Now I have some of the basic apps (Feedback Hub, File Explorer, Edge), and twitter (it had an update from the store and I think that is how it got back on my app list).

I do not see Messaging, nor can I start it from the store. I do not see Phone or People either. However, through the store I can get to People, and send messages, so that's something.

Is there a way to restore the apps that are installed on my phone? And if possible, can I restore my Start screen?

Lumia 950, AT&T branded.

PS. I'm at work, and have no WiFi till I get home. :eck:

Additional notes:
Windows Store wants to update Barcode Wallet. In the app list, I see that as LoyalityCardWP8. (Yes, that is how it is spelled, Loyality) I cannot uninstall it, and the update won't finish. I get en error code: 0x8007139F
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Jun 30, 2013
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When you find your apps in the store does it say you own this app and can install it on this device? Or, settings>accounts>apps corner, tap apps, does your app list come up?
Previous updates for me have messed with my start screen to the point I don't customize like I first had it. That's sad. Today I accidentally upgraded to .1005 by choosing the wrong ring. I swear they changed the order (have to blame something). I was sure it would be awful (used to it) but so far it's super fast and cortana even listens to me sometimes. All my apps are there, and for once I'm not screaming on here. Yet. :)
I'd consider leaving wallet alone for now...jmho.

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