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Apps missing in the Scandinavia Marketplace


New member
May 26, 2011

Does anyone know why we in scandinavia cant access some, or most, of the apps that are in the marketplace for u in the states?

Dave Blake

Mod and Ambassador Team Emeritus
Jan 11, 2008
The App developer chooses where there app is published to in most cases, unless Microsoft steps in and makes changes based on other legal type issues.

Bruno H

New member
May 10, 2011
Most of the developers never planned for the extra markets. As I understand it they must redeploy the apps and select the new markets they want to be in. I have mailed several of my missing app developers and asked them to resubmit with all countries selected. In case you wonder... I mailed, Amazon Kindle, Tripit, TuneIn Radio and Twitter. Only tripit answered that they only support the US market - which is strange regarding that i downloaded it from the British Marketplace (pre Mango) and especially as my friends with Android and iPhone devices can download it here :-( But I downloaded My Trips instead :)