Are there any Laptops or Tablets that can utilize LTE to make calls and send sms texts?

Dono Newcomb

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May 8, 2014
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Hey guys, been really wrapped up with taking care of my Wife as her illness progresses so I haven't been able to keep up on new tech or existing threads so I figure I would just ask here to save time.

With the sad situation with Windows Phones I find myself looking for an alternative that doesn't involve buying some kind of iDroid phone. So I really need to find out if any of the new Laptops or Tablets running an LTE or sim style connection actually has enabled the communication capabilities that we all know are there and have seen the UWP apps in development accompanied with insider builds.

Do we have anyone making such things available yet?

Because honestly the first ones to actually do that will get my business.


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Nov 13, 2013
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How about using the paid version of Skype? It can call any phone for a low monthly charge.....

Would work with ANY connected computer: Ethernet, LTE, WiFi, etc, as long as Skype can get to the internet it can make the call. Free Skype can call only other Skype users, BUT the paid version can call any phone. :)

So essentially, you could get a Windows tablet and use Skype to get a cheap Windows device that is, in essence, always connected, through Skype. But I think the OP wants a laptop that has telephony capabilities built-in. Not many laptops have this right now.

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