AT&T 2 for 1 Deal and What I did...


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Nov 9, 2010
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Well as most of us know by now AT&T has a 2 for 1 sale on this phone. Needles to say I bought mine like 1 hour after it went on sale online the day it was released and this deal was not available.

I've seen the adds on TV but was just to lazy to pickup the phone and talk to a rep. Well my laziness turned into anger one day and decided to cal AT&T and see what they could do for me.

Well the first option was to send the phone back is the purchase was made before 30 days and they would send me 2 phones back to me... Well this is silly, and either way I was over the 30 day period by just a few days,,:hmm:

So after the we are sorry, our policy is blah blah blah... I outlined that I was a loyal AT&T customer, that I felt cheated that I was not informed, very disappointed on the treatment..blah blah blah..:mad:

Well after a few "Please hang on I will see what I can do for you sir.." The rep came back with a few possible options.

1. Sign a new contract and 1 phone would be shipped for free with it. :thumbsdn:

2. We will give you a full refund on the purchase of your phone $199. :thumbsup:

Bing! Free Phone...

Actually since I did the renewal via At&T web I got a $50 discount so At&T actually paid me $50 to own this nice Samsung Focus.

Now aint that nice.:cool:


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Dec 16, 2010
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nice my surround only cost me $48 since i bought it at best buy and im a premier silver reward zone member so i had a $60 reward zone coupon. i buy all my xbox point and subscription cards from there so i get points towards the transactions.

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