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Battery sense app not responding after cyan update in lumia 620

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WPCentral Question

I have updated my lumia 620 with Cyan update, the update went perfectly but the battery sense application is not responding, it just do not start either from the apps list or from the settings.
I tried to install the battery sense application from the app store , but the app store status shows that the app is already installed in my phone.
I am also not been able to uninstall the battery sense app from my phone as the icon+text just move a little but the app does not start, Also of I long press the app icon it gives me two options i) pin the app ii) add the app to the kids corner, however the second option is disabled.

After my cyan update I think that my battery is draining a bit fast and I and to limit it.
Please help.


New member
May 21, 2014
Have you done a soft reset since you updated? And have all your apps, especially system apps, finished updating? It's worth going into the store settings and running check for updates, then going into downloads to make sure there aren't any pending.