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Be careful of Certain Updates!


New member
Feb 16, 2013
Hey guys,

Proud Surface 3 owner here, however I have some weird news. My first unit wouldn't charge after I did all the updates. I had to uninstall the battery and reinstall it every time I needed to charge it. I formatted it, nothing happened. I replaced it, the new one worked great. I did all the updates again, same issue, except this time the performance was a lot worse. I formatted it, and everything is working really well this time around.

I don't know which update triggered it, but I would advise to ONLY installed the recommended updates! I still have weird charging issues, but I think the Surface 3 is going to need a firmware update to allow more amps to go through the Micro-USB port. Regardless, my Surface 3 is now in great working order. If you are having battery issues, try uninstalling the battery to see if that helps.


New member
Apr 6, 2015
Interesting. I have all the updates installed, recommended and optional. No issues with anything so far and battery life seems pretty solid at 8-9 hours of use (about 1 hour per 10%). That's with running the touch version of OneNote, modern IE, and a few modern apps here and there with maybe an hour or two of desktop program use (MATLAB). My fiance did the same thing and hers has been fine. I'm not sure what update you did but it sure seemed like a bad one, maybe one of the additional updates down the line fixed it.


New member
May 25, 2015
I completely Concur on your post. My fps in league of legends went from 20 fps to 40 after I reset and didn't install any updates. Im glad I saw this post because it really helped me out!

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