Black screen with cursor - Windows 10 anniversary update


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Sep 23, 2016
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Decided to make this post since I could not find a compeletly working solution for this.
(If you just want to know what I did very shortly go to the end of this post.)

So I got the anniversary update for windows 10 and updater just like any update.
Next day I started the computer and the update continued. After the update was done I got to a black screen with only the cursor visible...
Tryied some suggestion I found tryed:
  • Press either ctrl or space (not both) and then type in the password to log in and then press enter. I could here the sound of skype start but still everything blank. Then tested Windows key + P to change some display options. I could see something happening but still only the cursor showed up.
  • I also tested startup repair but that did nothing.
  • Did also try some other stuff but I think it's not worth mentioning everything I tryed.

This was my solution:

Then I found this video. this video
Did not fix my problem but at least I got into safe mode.
From there I disabled my gpu ( I have a GTX 1070) from Device manager. After that I rebooted and then I could see the log in. So I logged in and then. Then I did go to Windows Update settings (tested to uninstall update but that did nothing for me). Then Recovery and Reverted back to previous build, after that the computer restarted. After that I also reinstalled gpu drivers. Then everything seemed to work as normal.

To sum it up short:
  • Boot into safe mode and disable and gpu. (Possible also uninstall gpu drivers.)
  • Restart as normal.
  • Log in as normal.
  • Go to Windows Update settings and Recovery and Reverted back to previous build.
  • Enable gpu. (Possible reinstall drivers.)

I hope this will help if someone gets a similar problem. :cool:

abhishek singh21

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Apr 27, 2014
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i have read about this issue, and most of the users who faced it had the screen go black with the cursor after logging in to their account. In my vies it could be because of user accounts file getting corrupted after the update .

Possible solution according to me could have been booting into safe mode , creating a new account with administrator privileges , rebooting and logging in on it and deleting the previous buggy account from user and accounts in control panel.


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Jul 14, 2008
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The only way I found to get by this is to hold the power button down until the computer shuts down. When I restart, it boots up OK. I've had it happen a couple of times in the past week. I have all updates stopped for the max 7 days and then do it again before the end. This was not caused by a recent update because I didn't have one. ...?

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