Bush Eluma B2 (Archos 50 Cesium) - Hands-On Review


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Oct 9, 2012
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The Bush Eluma B2 is a new Windows 10 Mobile powered phone, available in Argos stores across the UK and online at argos.co.uk (Bush is an Argos brand) for ?79.99.

The actual handset is a rebranded Archos 50 Cesium, which will be available across a range of countries. The Bush version has been slightly altered to include 16GB of internal storage (vs. 8GB on original Archos branded model). Beneath the battery the label states 'Bush 50 Cesium'.

Main Specs:
5" IPS 720p Touch Screen
Snapdragon 210 SOC
16GB Internal Storage
Micro SD Card slot
Dual SIM
8MP Camera + 2MP FFC
2100mah Li-Ion battery


Plastic, with metal effect edging around the sides, top, and bottom of the casing. The black plastic battery cover is removable, and a white cover is also included in the sales package.


The rounded top and bottom is similar to phones from other manufacturers (such as Acer).


There are 3 capacitive buttons beneath the display, great for those who hate on-screen buttons.


Overall, it feels nice in the hand, there are no creaks or flexing to the casing when applying pressure, it's certainly a match for the likes of the Lumia 550 or 640.

One thing I didn't like about the design is the Micro-USB placement. It's slightly recessed into the top of the casing, which means normal Micro-USB connectors only just fit (most fall out with only a slight movement).



The 5" IPS 720p touch screen is very nice for the price. It's slightly brighter than the similar screen found on the Lumia 830, with colours that are slightly blue tinted, unlike the 830's slight yellow tint.


There is some colour degradation at wide angles, but surprisingly it does better than the 830 where viewing angles are concerned.


Unsurprisingly, there are no extras to be found in the 'Settings' app, which means there is no way to tweak the colour profile of the display (like you can with a Lumia), and no double-tap to wake.


The main speaker (on the back, with case raising nubs) is on the quiet side. The overall quality of the sound is about the same as a Lumia 550 (so not great).


I found that the speaker becomes extremely quite under volume level 8, so keeping it at full volume is pretty much required.

Sound from the headphone socket is good, but there are no software extras included on this model, which means no Equalizer.

OS and Performance:

The phone was running OS build 10586.0 initially, but it received an update to 10586.107 shortly after the set-up. So it's fully compatible with WaaS (Windows as a Service).


Overall, the phone runs fluidly. For the most part I can see no difference in speed compared to the Lumia 830 that I am currently using. There is a slight judder when pulling down the action centre (something I also found on the Lumia 550), that isn't there on the Lumia 830.

The SD210 makes itself felt in games, even the least demanding of games (candy crush...etc) run at a lower framerate than the SD400 in the 830.

The Eluma B2 is Dual-SIM compatible (Micro-SIM) which works in the same way as other Windows Phones, 4G data can be used only one 1 SIM, but the SIM can be switched within the settings app.


The main 8MP camera on the Bush Eluma B2 is surprisingly good. I was expecting it to be terrible, but came away surprised.

In daylight, images are lacking in colour and punch, but have good dynamic range and are quite detailed. I have seen far worse from 8MP cameras from much bigger names (LG, Samsung).


The camera is pretty useless in low light without using the flash. However, I found the flash to be quite powerful, it easily lit the scene below, which is something the Lumia 550 absolutely failed to accomplish.

No Flash:
Flash On:

The camera software is the same stock Windows 10 experience we are all used to. Rich Capture is not included, but the manual controls (ISO, Shutter Speed...etc) are available.

Video recording maxes out at 720p, but is reasonably detailed. Switching on 'Digital Video Stabilisation' helps to reduce the shakiness, but also tends to blur out the details.

The 2MP front facing camera isn't great. It has a very slow refresh rate (about 10fps) which means videos are jumpy, and images are difficult to capture without becoming blurred.


For ?80 the Bush Eluma B2 is a capable Windows 10 Mobile handset. It has a great screen, good camera, and well designed casing. The weedy speaker, poor front facing camera, and lack of software extras (Equalizer...) lets it down a bit.

Personally I would go for the Lumia 550 (currently cheaper at around ?60>?80) over the Eluma B2 because it packs in more software features, and has a more compact design. Although the screen on the Lumia 550 is not as good as the one found on the Eluma B2.
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Jun 2, 2016
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The Bush Eluma B2 is a new Windows 10 Mobile powered phone, available in Argos stores across the UK and online at argos.co.uk (Bush is an Argos brand) for ?79.99.

Does this phone support miracast?

Excellent review!!!!
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