Camera has become slow with the insider builds. Currently 14291.1001


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Feb 14, 2014
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So after the last several fast ring updates the camera on my 950XL has become slower to launch and slower to take repeated photos in comparison to when it was brand new.

Right now it is on the latest 14291.1001 build.
A few apps like Facebook seemed to have sped up on this build but I want my fast launching camera and repeated full resolution shots that this phone had in the beginning.

Anyone else notice this issue with the insider builds?

I?m tempted to try to use the recovery software to put the OEM build in and get a reminder of how fast this camera used to be but I also kind of want to stay in the Windows Insider builds.
Hmm? what to do what to do.

Oh yeah. I have also been using ProShot camera app so I can leave it set for lower quality 2MP photos that I take at work and upload to my onedrive. I do this to make 500k file size photos rather than 5 to 6 MB file sized photos with the high resolution setting in the main camera app. Switching apps is faster than switching quality settings.
Anyway. I guess this app is having to resize the photos after every shot or something because it is really SLOW to be ready for the next shot. I?m talking 5 seconds or so. And that sucks.

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