Can I get back my texts when I switch microsoft accounts on my phone?

Brad Peters

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Feb 23, 2013
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I've got an issue with accounts - I started using Microsoft 365 for Office ProPlus, Exchange and Sharepoint for my new business I've started, and I've since set up all my other subscription accounts (Skype Premium, Xbox Music) through there, so i'd like that to be my microsoft account on my phone and windows 8 desktop so everything is synced together.

I just switched over from my old account after resetting my phone (thanks to Portico for rendering my phone a near-brick), but backup assistant is asking something about deleting everything because my contacts are on another phone . I'd honestly love to drop backup assistant and keep all my contacts between my 365 subscription email and my real-job work email accounts, instead of having a hotmail & backup assistant in there cluttering up everything.

Lastly, is there a way I can get my texts back? I had a lot of work correspondences with addresses and account numbers that Ill need in the future, so itd really be nice to find a way to get them back. Any ideas?


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Apr 3, 2012
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No, you can't get your texts back. All your back up is associated with your Microsoft Accounts. You can't merge your accounts. You won't only lose your back up of everything but also your apps & games purchases.

edit: Only other way to get them back is, if you have backed up the account to the most recent stage you might want to visit in future, then logging back in to your phone after a factory reset using the Microsoft ID that has all the info you need. When it restores your back up from old Microsoft ID, you will get your texts etc back on the phone. Once done, you will have to reinstate your new Microsoft ID.

However, on Twitter, Zune support confirmed that in future we will be able to view our backed up SMS in; currently we can only see chat backups in

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