Can I sync a folder on a shared network server to OneDrive

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What I mean is:

I work at a Legal Services non-profit. We have a shared network server where we store files. We recently added staff in a temporary office location that is unable to access our shared network server at this time. Colleagues in our other/3rd office can access our shared network server, though it is somewhat slower for them, so I hear.

What I want to know is this: Can I arrange a folder on OneDrive such that the content in the OneDrive folder is periodically synced with a folder on our shared network server? ie, I make changes directly to the folder on our shared network server, and the folder in OneDrive automatically (or periodically) updates/syncs?

Relatedly, does the syncing work both ways? & if not, in which direction does the sync work....shared network server---> OneDrive? Or OneDrive --->shared network server?

Thanks in advance & apologies if this is a dumb question. (it's certainly redundant)

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