Can i use a Lumia 521 T-Mobile Network Locked without a SIM-Card

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Hello i want to buy a Lumia 521 in eBay
It says Network Locked;
I don't care about using cellullar in this phone i just want to use the phone
My question is can i use the phone without inserting a Sim Card (i don't want to use calling and messaging that require a sim card) ''''' i live in Kosovo and T-mobile is not avaliable in Kosovo
I asked the buyer but he is not understanding my question !!!
If i can use the phone without sim card then if i update or hard reset my phone*(Lumia 521) will it ask to insert a sim card or type any unlock code!!!


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Nov 12, 2012
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When it boots it will advise that no SIM is in and you can dismiss the message, then use it on WiFi or without data connection all you want. No unlock code is needed for SIMless use.

IMHO, it is still a great toy to have. It basically is the same as the 520 inside. You may like this old thread:

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