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Can I use the old Xbox account (Asphalt 8 Banned)

Indra Krisnadi1

New member
Apr 22, 2015
In my old laptop, there used to be my game Asphalt 8 but getting banned by Gameloft because I do cheating.

But whether it's banned Asphalt 8 effect on my Xbox account? I did cheat after Asphalt 8 already in the Xbox Live.

I myself would like to re-use the Xbox account on my new laptop because it already has a lot of achievement. Incidentally, it is also used Xbox account in my Lumia.



Retired Moderator
Nov 12, 2012
You'll need to ask Gameloft about how their disciplinary action works.

Or just try it.
Or log into xBox.com and take a look at your profile

arjan wolthuis

New member
Jul 27, 2014
If you reinstall the game in your old laptop it works again fine. (for me at least) so your new laptop wont't be a problem as long you turn off your internet connection.