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Can we insert Idea(GSM) sim in the WCDMA slot?

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Can we insert Idea(GSM) sim in the WCDMA slot

I'm also using Lumia 730 since mid December. I want to know if I can use an Idea sim in WCDMA slot..and how is the battery capacity now? For how many hrs dies it come after chatting over WiFi/Mobile data?


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Nov 12, 2012
Re: Can we insert Idea(GSM) sim in the WCDMA slot

If the SIM is of the proper size and will fit, you can insert it... Will it work? I can't say. Is your phone locked to another carrier? You would know better than I... Does it have any carrier logos stenciled anywhere on it? Does it have any carrier made Apps installed? Try this > open Phone App > dial pad > ##7820# > you don't even have to press call, after the last # it will take you to the SIM lock status screen. Is the image of a padlocked Locked or Open? If it is locked, contact the carrier whose logo is stenciled on the device.

Trying to give you an estimated time on your particular battery lasting under a specific activity is even more fraught with variables and vagaries. Install this App... https://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/battery/5dceaa39-8477-43f2-8499-91e816767517 You will have to go through several use cycles for it to build up a good history and become accurate. Once it does, engage in the behavior you wish to estimate and check the graph in the App to determine an aqpproximate discharge rate.

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