Cannot update firmware using Care Suite for Lumia 625

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My carrier firmware is causing me a lot of issues on my phone such as connectivity problems, extreme lag on some apps and being unable to backup the phone, among others. Many users of same carrier reported the same issue using Windows Phones. So I decided to change the firmware to an unbranded (naked) one.

I have downloaded the latest firmwares for my phone using Navifirm+ : Both my original carrier package (same code) and an unbranded one. I made sure both had the same RM and country as my phone (RM-941). The original one was to function both as backup and as control in tests.

First thing was to backup sensitive information and hard reset it. Then I used Windows Phone recovery to make sure it was as default as possible. After that, I've tried first with the original carrier package (should work 100% if it is the same of the one on the phone, right?). I've copied it into the correct folder (C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\RM-941) and launched Care Suite as administrator (Latest version 5.6.134).

Care Suit recognizes my phone just fine, but when clicking on recover, it shows no packages. However, if I disconect my phone and mannually search for RM-941, it shows the package there just as it should be. When I connect my phone again, the package vanishes from the list again.

Under basic info tab Care suite shows my phone as RM-941 with the same exact firmware version of the package version I'm trying to use (3058.50000.1424.0001).

It is plugged under USB 3.0 and I'm using Win7 SP1 on PC and W8.1 Cyan on Mobile.

Clicking on refresh packages on the the bottom right of the screen does nothing. Same for offline or online mode. Nothing changes. Changing the package to the unbranded one also shows the exact same behaviour. Removing the SIM and rebooting the phone makes no difference as well. Putting phone on flash mode (hold volume up when booting) just makes Care Suite not recognizing it. I have hard reseted it at least 3 times to factory default. Restarted and repaired Care Suite many times. Rebooting PC or Phone also didn't help.

Nokia Software Recover does not accept my phone and tells me to run Windows Phone Recovery instead (It does not let you choose which firmware to recover from, so it is useless on my issue). Nokia Software Updater simply does not recognize my Phone.

Why the package vanishes from the firmware list on Care Suite every time it detects my phone? How to manually add it to the packages list and make it run the firmware update?

Someone please help. I'm getting really frustrated trying to make it work with no results at all.

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