Cannot Update Win 10 - Crashes or Restores to Prev Version

KS Uthayya

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Jun 8, 2018
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I’m facing a lot of problems with the most recent Win 10 update –
• “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1083”; and
• “2018-16 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems”

I have been getting a notification to install these updates for almost 2 weeks now. The first time I went ahead with the update and the second time, yesterday, both had the same outcome.
Once the computer finally restarts it goes to a window wherein it asks me what to use to boot. The options are (in the exact order):
1) Windows 10
2) Boot Menu
3) Windows 10
Clicking on #1 takes me to the sign-in page but it simply will not accept any password. Clicking on Forgot Password migrates me to a Blue loading screen that never ends. Manually turning it off take me back to the above menu.
Clicking on #3 , almost instantaneous BSOD. Error something SYS Service something. It’s goes away too fast and then reboots to the same option menu.

Finally, Option #3 just restores my computer to a previos version (pre update) on its own – without me asking it to restore to a previous version.

Right now, I’m constantly dodging those update notifications like I have been doing since the first time I tried to install the updates.

Please help, this is very very annoying. I can’t update my PC and avoiding the update notifications are quite a pain! (Using Win 10 Home, Single Language)



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Nov 13, 2012
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Assuming you are running a legitimate, registered copy of Win10, you could try the Windows 10 Udate Assistant. It's the first option, located here: Simply click on the "Update Now". That will download a relatively small installation file. Run that, and it should take you through the installation easily.

I used this to help a friend get his going when he was having issues with the standard OTA update.

*** The usual caveats are still applicable -- run your usual backups before hand; have your license key written down. If this is a notebook, be sure to be plugged in so you're not interrupted by lack of battery power. Ensure you're on stable WiFi. Allow about an hour for the whole process. And, most importantly read each screen before clicking through!

Note that you'll have several restarts throuout the process -- this is normal. The process sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Hope this helps.


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Feb 7, 2019
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We had similar issues with unreliable upgrades. Because of this, we ended up using Swimage, because it’s designed to be resilient when migrating a PC. Plus it handles reimaging as well as hardware replacements. We were able to upgrade all of our PCs without any issues. That’s my suggestion.


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Apr 7, 2019
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I'm pretty sure that some of your folders or files got corrupted from the "C" disk and that is why this is happening to you. I would suggest you to reinstall your full windows because this is the only option you have or try fixing it by windows program. I've also faced this problem before because of the virus and I did the same that I'm suggesting you.

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