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Oct 4, 2013
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My Lumia 820 regularly stays in screen blank mode when ending a call.
This happens mostly when a call goes to voice mail.
It becomes a major battle just to end a call while wasting air time.
I try switching the phone off but even the off button goes awol when this happens.

After all the years of fighting with Windows guess I should have learnt some lessons.

I'm not sure if my device has a problem or if this is a general Lumia 820 problem.
Anyone else experiencing similar problems with their Windows phone?


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Jul 26, 2011
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The black screen while in a call can happen for two reasons.

1) The presence sensor feels the phone has something close to it, like your face, or a table or something so it turns the screen off
2) The Power Button will turn the screen off, the only way to get it back on is to tap the button again OR have the second person hang up on you (which brings the screen back on).

I am in the habit of always pressing the power button when I make a call and it just shuts the screen off completely. I usually call on speaker phone and I pinch the screen in my hand on the flat sides so I would be taping all over the screen if I didn't.

But, if you aren't using the power button, it sounds like you just have an issue with the presence sensor.
Could be faulty, could have a case that is slightly covering it, could just be a habit of the way you hold the phone.

Dani G

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Dec 14, 2014
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Experiencing the same problem with the Nokia Lumia 521. Can't even shut the phone off. I had go pull out the battery to end the call. The proximity sensor? I initiated a call while the phone was flat on a table no case and at the moment of initiation the screen went dark. I couldn't get it to come on again until I answered and then ended the call on my other phone which is what I was text calling. There must be a way to resolve this issue. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned backlight timing out and then coming on again when you hit a button?


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Dec 28, 2014
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I had another (but similar) problem on my L820 - after I ended a call (well, at least I thought I ended it), the connection with the other phone stayed open;

When I touched the "end call" button... nothing happened (still could hear the other person on "the line"). And when I asked the other person to press the same button, it also didn't work - I was connected to here for ever and far beyond...

The only solution was to put the battery out - fortunately it only happened one or two times the last one and a half year - but it sure was annoying.

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