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Can't make live folder on my lumia 1020

Dominic Chen

New member
Aug 10, 2014
Hi everyone:

I m a rogers user in Canada. I updated my lumia 1020 to WP8.1 yesterday, everything looks fine except I cannot make live folder on home screen. Does anyone have the same issue?


Solution, plz:cry:


May 15, 2013
I am presuming you trying to create via long press on & hold on a tile?

That won't work :p, you need to install GDR 1 via enrolling on 8.1 developer preview program it is free with an app studio account.

Once installed, to create a live folder, tap & hold on an app and drag on to another app to create a folder with the two apps, I would recommend watching the video in this article if what I said doesn't make any sense :winktongue:
How to create Live Folders on Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 | Windows Phone Central