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Can't upgrade to 0002.0000.0037.0001


New member
Sep 18, 2018
Hi all
I hope there is still somebody here in the forum, i do have a problem that i cant upgrade my X3 to the latest and last Firmware Version 0002.0000.0037.0001.
My X3 does tell me there is no other Firmware available and im with myn 0002.0000.0026 on the newest possible version.
do you guys have the same Problem?
Did HP stop the update Server?
Thx in advanced for your help
Cheers from Switzerland.


New member
Dec 24, 2014
did you try restoring with MS WDRT? I just recently bought a "SAMPLE" X3 and it wouldn't upgrade to the newest FV for some reason, I did a restore using the WDRT and it worked.. I am now in the process of updating to the newest OS...