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Nov 4, 2013
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been a bit frustrated with the charge time of the Band. what has worked best for me is to charge it a half hour while I read before sleeping, then another 15-20 minutes in the morning while I get ready (I'm one of those quick-shower people). but it really hasn't been enough.

then I realized I could put plug the Band charger in my car and let it load up while I'm driving. I don't want notifications while driving and certainly don't need the step counter.

of course if you have a short commute this won't work, but those of us punished with an hour or more of drive time each day might benefit... useful to have an extra charging cable btw.


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Aug 26, 2014
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Nice advice on that. Will consider that if I get a band, as that has been a concern of mine. I generally have to drive to the bus stop to drop off and pick up my daughter each day, and the wait time can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes while waiting on the bus to arrive. Twice per day, that would give a bit of time for charging while I just sit there listening to the radio and waiting.

Also, another idea, for those of you who have a job working in front of a computer, plugging it into a USB port on the computer to charge while you're just sitting there is a great way to get a charge kept up on it. If you have a job where you're constantly on the move it won't help, though.

Or, if you sit in front of the computer doing Facebook an hour every day, like some people I know, then it could be charging then. Or, like certain in-laws I have, if you are laying around on the couch for an hour or 2 doing facebook on your phone, then plug it in.

Perhaps others can suggest additional ways to keep it charged. This would be a great thread to compile a list of ways a variety of different people can keep it charged. I'm sure it would be a great resource for band owners or people looking to purchase a band.


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Nov 12, 2014
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My charging routine: take off after dinner (e.g., doing dishes) for about an hour, and then the next morning, another 30-60 minutes right after waking up. As a rule I find that it's somewhere between 70%-80% before the evening charge, and easily back up to 100% after the morning charge.

FWIW I otherwise wear it 24/7 and work out for about 90 minutes three times a week. Also throw in a few 30-minute GPS walks as well.


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