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Mar 29, 2007
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Hi all!! I am a current BB 8700 user and am looking to replace it with a new device. I love the BB but I feel the need to be able to open and edit attachments while on the road. Other used will be calls (obviously), browsing (not all the time) and Calander/ Contact Management.

I really have no preference to the operating system.

I had been looking at the Treo 680 and almost picked one up yesterday. But decided to come back and do a little more research. I have been looking through a lot of info and have narrowed down my search to the 8125 OR 8525. I am in Pittsburgh and the 3G network is not here yet. And even if it was I would probably still be debating between the two smartphones. I have had no personal issues with the EDGE speeds on my BB and really cannot decide if the extra $$ outlay is really worth it to me.

What benefits, other than network speed, would the 8525 give me over 8125 for my intended uses. Am I missing something? Both look like wonderful devices.


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Sep 22, 2004
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Can't believe no one has responded yet! I have an 8125 and like it, but given the faster WiFi standard, faster processor, BlueTooth 2.0, AND the compatibility with 3G, I'd go with the 8525 in a skinny minute. The only reasons to consider the 8125, at this point, are the considerably lower price and if you have invested in mini-sd cards and don't want to buy any micro-sd cards.

The ONLY reason I haven't upgraded yet is that I am waiting to see the iPhone in person. I was promised 3G by the end of last year, then it was bumped to March of this year (at the latest). Now they are saying not before November. By then, my other phone line will be eligible for an upgrade, too. Might just end up with an iPhone AND an 8525...


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