Connecting to Netgear R7000 Wifi router from Lumia 640 causes system lockup, then watchdog reboot. How can I fix this?

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Connecting to Netgear R7000 Wifi router from Lumia 640 causes system lockup, then watchdog reboot

I picked up a new Lumia 640 for T-Mobile, inserted my already active T-Mobile SIM and powered it on. It asked a few questions and eventually wanted the wifi password in my home. After a little while I noticed it was just sitting there, unresponsive to touch. I then noticed it was in a reboot loop every couple minutes. I waited a while, thinking what a silly initial software update it had but then after like 15 minutes decided all was not well. After a few cycles of pulling the battery, I concluded something very bad happens on every boot. I tried turning off Wifi calling, it didn't help.

A little research suggest it was an interaction between my Netgear R7000 router (latest firmware) and the phone, so I changed the Wifi SSID and let the phone boot again. This time it did not crash I had it connect to the Wifi hotspot on my Android phone, which worked fine with no crashes.

My particular Netgear R7000 is configured to only be an access point, with a more serious router/firewall to the Internet. I didn't see any Wifi settings that seemed especially odd, WPA2-AES security was set.

Just as a final test, I assured Wifi calling was off, rebooted, entered Wifi settings, picked my home WiFi hotspot, entered the password, the busy flow of dots at the top started, after a few seconds, the flow of dots froze, the phone is now totally unresponsive. I wait a couple minutes, and it reboots, and didn't remember my WiFI password, so is not locked up.

Unless someone has a suggestion on what to change in my Wifi settings, or has a software update for the 640, the phone will need to be returned. A phone that doesn't work with my home Wifi is pretty much unusable. I have lots of other devices that use Wifi, and this is the first with a problem.


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