Cortana eating dust or just taking a break?


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Oct 28, 2012
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When first introduced Cortana was a very exciting feature that even got some Android and iPhone users jealous.
Now Cortana seems to have a lot more to do but how useful is an assistant if I ask a question verbally and a page is displayed without any announcement or several suggestions are for me to read through? At times people want to show off the technologies they are after and that includes asking Cortana a question around your friends just to get no answer but a list of pages on your screen.
Despite the settings Cortana's suggestions are usually not relevant.
Can Cortana try learning about the people close to me; at least remind me of birthdays from my contacts?
Even the features out there today are not always useful. No route suggestions or traffic alerts even though those things are listed in the settings.
Another point you have to be 13 year of age in order to use this particular assistant. This is very much useless to the early education system
You cannot really personalize what you get mostly suggestions are available.
Yes the feature is useful but not so much when I have to do the work.
Google Now seems to be doing way better than Cortana in many assistant tasks.
The team needs to try a bit harder as other platforms are catching up and even show off some even more exciting aspects of a personal digital assistant.


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Aug 1, 2015
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Cortana notifies you when it's time to leave, whether or not to take a different route, how the traffic is etc...
It notifies you of any birthday on your calendar, which is pulled in from whatever account you're storing your birthday's in.

Are you sure you have things set up correctly?

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