Cortana has forgotten English

Warren Poultney

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Nov 4, 2014
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I'm a native English speaker working and living in China. Who can neither read or speak Chinese.

When Cortana initially took residence in my nokia Lumia 1520 then WP DP 8.1 now Cyan, she was fully functional as any beta could be. She was quite chatty, would tell me a joke (In English) Provide Weather Information (In English both Text & Spoken).

We would enjoy a good laugh when I jokingly would call her Siri or inquired of her her thoughts about Siri. Oh they were happy fun filled days.

But something got broken our relationship

Cortana no longer knows my name, or tells jokes when called on. Typically being redirected a bing search results (in Chinese). Though she gives me the weather forecast spoken in English she displays the accompanying text with days of the week and any additional information in Chinese Simplified.

She obviously doesn't care for all my phone language settings being set English

As of now, only other audible response I will get from her other than the weather; It's when I call her Siri, I get a spoken reply in Chinese. Which a local Chinese friend translated for me (loosely) "Perhaps you've lost your mind, I'm Cortana".

Perhaps, I jokingly called he Siri one too many times? I swear I had no idea it offended here this way.

She obviously doesn't care for all my phone language settings being set English.

Is there anyway for me to repair this once fruitful relationship?

In a nutshell: I have no Chinese language written or spoken. Cortana no longer responds since she officially rolled out in China. Search results, etc.I'm growing tired of the assumption that because I'm in China, with net access from China, therefore I must be Chinese. Right?

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