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Cortana Taking Over Blue Ant Q2 Ear Piece

Mark Ammons

New member
Dec 14, 2014
I have the HTC M ONE 8 Windows Phone from T Mobile and I happen to like it a lot but I have 1 problem with it. Cortana has taken over my Blue Ant Q2 Ear piece and I can no longer use the phone commands with in the Ear Piece.

How do I know Cortana is the problem because once in a while not often but once in a while the Phone Commands in the Ear Piece will work and it is Cortana voice I hear and not the one that came with my Blue Ant Ear Piece.

What I want to know is How can I keep Cortana from taking over my Blue Ant Q2 Ear Piece because at the moment I find it very annoying not being able to use the phone commands with in the Ear Piece to make phone calls.

If There isn't a way to keep Cortana from taking over my Ear Piece may I make a suggestion that for the next upgrade that you put an option in under the setting in Cortana to enable her or disable her by checking or uncheck her to use her or not to use her in any Ear Piece device.

Thank You

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