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Cropping (part of, not full) screen to clipboard and pasting it in docx

Mahesh Abnave

New member
May 4, 2013
I am a good follower of all things Microsoft. But I didnt own Windows Phone historically because of its limitations in earlier versions. However now that Windows Phone taking full swing and even ready kick Android and iOS in terms of capabilities and features I am rethinking to own one. I usually deal with office files so I am just checking what things are possible in Windows Phone office.

Here is one of my main usage scenario while on Windows PC:

1. Open Snipping Tool
2. Crop part of the screen
3. Copy it
4. Paste it into the document (docx file)

Is this possible with Window 10 Mobile in equally simple way?

I see there three capabilities required here:
1. Capability to crop part of the screen / tool like snipping tool
2. Copy image to clipboard
3. Paste image to docx file

I dont if Windows 10 Mobile is capable these.

Can any one who have Wondow 10 Mobile installed on their devices try out and confirm?

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