'Do Not Disturb/Night' Mode Disabled, how can I get this functions enabled?


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Dec 3, 2015
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'Do Not Disturb/Night' Mode Disabled

Being a die hard Windows user (comes with the job :wink:), I always tried to stay in the same ecosystem for all my devices.
With the new Win 10, we're getting there at last, so I bought a 950 to go along with my Surface Pro and my other Win 10 laptop.

One thing though, always bothered (made me jealous, in fact) me in the past:: the ease in which IOS and Android devices could switch to Night Mode or Do Not Disturb mode.
With the old Windows Mobile Phone 8.0 and earlier this was solved with an app (called 'Do Not Disturb' if I'm not mistaken), but when the upgrade to 8.1 happened this App did not function anymore, due to the limitation of the API that Windows delivered to app builders.

I was all thrilled when i saw the screen shots of the new setting buttons in Expanded View (the little Moon icon), until I got the 950 unboxed and started the little marvel... the 'Do Not Disturbed' button is Disabled and when you click on it, you get redirected to Cortana, 'Device search history' & safeSearch :angry:

Anybody an idea how to get this function enabled?


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Nov 12, 2012
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Re: 'Do Not Disturb/Night' Mode Disabled

On my phone, running Windows 10 Mobile, I just long-press on the moon icon in the Action Centre and you go right to the relevant setting screen.

You may need to enable Cortana by hitting the search button (or the Cortana app in the app list) and go through the set up.

When you're in Cortana, hit the hamburger menu, then "Notebook", then "Quiet Hours"

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