Do you want WP to succeed or would you rather just keep complaining?

Nov 20, 2012
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I honestly want the OS to succeed. But I am beginning to not care as well.

I rarely complain about the OS. Overall, feature wise I don't have much that I am lacking from the OS itself. I simply have issues with Microsoft's management.

A lack of any type of new flagship(The M8 does not count)....even a refresh of the 1520 or an American release of the Icon/930 outside of Verizon going into the Holiday season is baffling.

We have the M8 yes but most people do not WANT that phone. Even with Windows 10 being announced, people are willing to upgrade their lumias(and other phones) to newer Lumias and don't have the choice. They either have to keep waiting or they are settling for the M8.

I also dislike the fact that Microsoft seems to be removing a lot of exclusive and cool features for Windows Phone and moving them over to Android and IOS while making us feel like step children that get scraps. It is sad. I swear if Cortana goes to Android/IOS or Lumia apps go to other OEMS, I am literally done with the OS. Something NEEDS to be exclusive and unique to the OS to make it a hook for people's interest.

I want the OS to succeed but I complain about Microsoft's half in, half out. It's like the boyfriend who wants to date you forever yet can't commit to marriage. It seems they are all in with other OSes and not their own mobile OS and for that alone, it really does make me start not caring.

Personally, I keep wanting to go back the iPhone 6 plus but the live tiles is what is keeping me here on Windows Phone simply because the thought of Icons seems lame but even now it is like "Jeez, Microsoft, come on and step up." But it does feel like they are alienating their users a bit in favor of others and that is where complaints come in at.

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