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Does Cortana/invoke work with Nest thermostat?

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I've tried a dozen commands to get my Invoke to do anything on my Nest. "can't find the device named thermostat, or temperature." the name is Kitchen. When I asked to set kitchen to 76. Cortana says sorry try to set a scene like aurura.

I went to the Nest site and searched for Cortana and for invoke. Pretty much 0 results. I searched through all the devices and apps that" works with Nest". No Cortana and no Invoke. The most obscure and limited sounding devices work with Nest, but Cortana on every Windows 10 device goes un-noticed.

Am I missing something? I'm connected through my Nest account to work with Cortana and my cortana Home skill is connected to Nest.

Commands I tried:
Set temperature to
Set kitchen to
Change temperature to
Make kitchen warmer
Make it warmer
Set thermostat to
Change thermostat to
Change kitchen to
Set and change Nest to


New member
Jan 27, 2014
That's weird. Cortana does support Nest. How about using your laptop to check if Nest is enabled under the 'connected home' option (skills/notebook).

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New member
Feb 8, 2011
Thank you, Ven. I am member of Windows Central. I've tried to connect my Nest to my Cortana on PC, Invoke, and mobile device. I've also used multiple users on Nest, but no success.


New member
Feb 8, 2011
I figured out what happened. My Nest account is not the "Owner" account. I tried using the owner on my account to link to Cortana on my phone. It did not work. I linked the owner Nest account on my PC, while I did receive the "Something went wrong" notification, it still worked.

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