Does Cortana work with Bluetooth speakers?

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Just wondering since I love Cortana and I would love to buy speakers to put around the house to tell my computer from afar to "play music" or to set my alarm by my bed while my computer is in the other room. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with it.


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Aug 26, 2014
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For starters, Bluetooth speakers have a limited range, and the farther they are from the source, the more problems you will have with them. Putting them around your house won't work unless your house is very, very small, as in one small room probably.

Also, Cortana uses a Microphone to listen with. Unless the speakers you have also have a microphone, then it won't work, because Cortana won't be able to listen.

You will only be able to hook up to one set of Bluetooth speakers at a time. You cannot get multiple sets of Bluetooth speakers and pair them all at once. Only one sound output can be active at a time, and only one microphone input can be active at a time.

I have a high-end Bluetooth headset that I use. With my laptop in the center of my house, I am able to utilize it from every corner of the house, except one corner of the Kitchen when the refrigerator is between me and the laptop. It interferes with the signal. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to give commands that way for me.

Some day, we'll have houses wired where you can talk to your computer and have your computer respond from anywhere, like being on the USS Enterprise. That day isn't quite here yet, but we're closer than ever.

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