DVD Playback on Surface Pro X?

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My mom needs a new machine to replace her Surface 3. She likes to watch movies the old fashioned way from an external DVD drive, which I helped her get working on her Surface 3.

Do external DVD readers and DVD playback software work on the Pro X? I was thinking the Pro X might be a good fit for her since all she does is light email/Office/web stuff and play a few games (like solitaire) and watching movies, but if it won't work with an external DVD drive, then I will look at other options for her.


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Nov 13, 2013
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If the hardware and software is 32-bit compatible, then yes, it should work. That means that they offer 32-bit versions of their software and drivers.

What you should do is make a list of the apps your mum uses on her current machine, then see if they are in the Microsoft Store or if there is a 32-bit version available. If not, you won't be able to run them on the Surface Pro X. Most likely there aren't any ARM compatible DVD drives out there though.

That means, ultimately, that you should stick with the Surface Pro models, not the X variant. There's no point getting this if it limits what your mum can use and do with it.

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