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Edge viewing problem

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I have Windows 10 on my 950, build 10.0.15063.414.

My Edge switches by itself between desktop mode and mobile mode which means half the time I cannot use it. I have to close and re-open the tab.

Any idea what's wrong? It's been like that for more than a month now and my software has been updated during that time. Unbelievable if it's a software problem and Microsoft still hasn't solved it?


Dec 31, 2012
Check the settings are set to Mobile mode. That build runs fine here without switching so not sure what could be going on. There is a reset somewhere in Edge too, perhaps in about:flags page

marko petrovic2

New member
Jun 19, 2017
I have same prob...with last 2 updat.. 297 and 414..edge frez.. and stuc..phone,phone work very slow and has many other bugs...last god updte is 1066 evrt..work good..same problem with lumia 640 xl lte and 550.