Error in Windows 10 TP (desktop) rollback, how can I rollback?

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Error in Windows 10 TP (desktop) rollback

I am trying go back to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 build 10041 and I am getting the following error:
"We're sorry but you can't go back. The files we need to take you back to a previous version of Windows were removed from this PC"

Initially I was in 10049 build (project spartan build) and attempted the rollback. The process started and landed me in 10041 build. From here I am unable to go back. If anyone has a solution for this please post here.


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Apr 18, 2014
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Re: Error in Windows 10 TP (desktop) rollback

Hmm, in my case-attempting to roll back to windows 8.1 from build 10041, the setup started and then it stuck in an infinite reboot loop. The system boots, displays a blank console in full screen and then restarts. The console is winpelsh.exe. I don't know what was the issue, but if you close that windows, the system reboots. Finally went back to 8.1 using USB flash drive as I didn't have a recovery image. The windows 10TP has serious rollback issues.

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