Facebook chat and push notifications not working on Nokia Lumia 920

Talha Taher

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Aug 12, 2013
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Hey! When trying to chat on Facebook from my Nokia Lumia 920 device I am experiencing issues, where they do not appear until I reply.I am using the official facebook app. I tried chatting from messanging tile but still no luck.I am facing issue with facebook push notifications also. For me some notifications have come through but most of them don't. Other applications like what's app and skype works fine.

Steps I have taken
1.Uninstalling the Facebook app then again installing it
2.Resetting the phone
3.Linking-unlinking facebook app to my microsoft account
4.Removeing-adding microsoft to apps on my facebook account
5.Installing the facebook beta app
6.Turning on-off power saving features

Is there anyway to resolve this issue? I mean seriously? I can't chat with my facebook friends! Is this is a common issue with the 920? And how to resolve this ? Please tell me.


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Dec 4, 2013
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i have the 925, and i reckon this is an issue with WP8. i was using a lumia 800 earlier, and it had the same glitch. the push notifications problem is really a serious pain in the a**. my whatsapp works only when i open the app, and the same goes for my weather (bing), viber, etc. all in all, a great phone, but really handicapped because of this issue - im genuinely considering switching to something that wont conk out on me when i need it. for having nokia's flagship smart phone (the USP for which is total connectivity, im guessing), i feel largely limited.

can anyone tell us whether theyre planning on fixing this? ive been a long time WP user (since it came out), and its depressing to see the OS dragged down due to a basic flaw.


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Jul 17, 2013
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I have a similar issue, but with push notifications in general, like whatsapp, skype. I know the reason ( I think). Recently I upgraded the straight talk simcard which enables 4G/LTE. Ever since I started using the new simcard the notifications are delayed by 10-15 minutes(whats app has a time stamp). Also whatsapp keeps giving a connectivity error. Skype doesn't ring at all. I tried different roms to address this issue with no luck. I used the same sim card in my Lumia 520, guess what same issue. I don't know how to fix this. Any help?

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