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Fall Creators Update - Really Impressed!


New member
Jan 12, 2016
So I know we tend to do a ton of Windows and Microsoft bashing but I just wanted to share my thoughts since completing the FCU.

First off the update went smooth! I bought a new M3 Zenbook earlier this year, updated it from Home to Pro edition and it has worked without a hitch. I came home on a Friday, hit the update button, the download took forever in the background, rebooted around dinner time and was running without a hitch!

Secondly for mobile integration, I am really linking the phone link and the new send to Edge features! I have both an Android device and iOS device and the SMS works great! There is room for improvement in being able to follow an SMS thread and if you are in the middle of a response and someone sends a new text, you seem to lose your window and have to start over. Overall good start!

Next, the performance has been really good on my device. I have an 6th gen M3 with 8GB of RAM. I can run tons of tabs in Edge, Office and Netflix all day without issue. It pumps out beautiful 4K to my external monitor. All this for $500! Chrome seems to be a resource hog when I use it but overall this baby rocks. I can only imagine what a new SurfaceBook 2 with a DGPU will do!

Finally, Cortana is getting really good and somewhat useful. I love walking away from my desk and telling her to lock the screen. Voice recognition is way better than Siri. Sending texts is pretty cool! Also the continuing where I left off on a reboot is nice.

I plan to play with the Photos app this weekend, and don't really need the 3D & VR stuff. The bash shell could be interesting.

Anyone else having a positive experience?

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