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Field Test Settings


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Aug 22, 2014
Could someone please tell me the Defaults under the Settings in Field Test, specifically Toggle ENS, Toggle CMAS

Newbie mistake but the darn Touch Screen is so awesomely sensitive.
I fear I Toggled either the ENS or the CMAS ... Should they be On or Off by default?

I have not done anything besides exit back to home screen (did not do a reboot)

I currently have Polling = 3, Network = automatic, Limit SMS = Off, Toggle ENS= On, Toggle CMAS = Off

Also is there an FYI for what these actually do.
The first 2 are self explanatory but curious to what the other 3 are
P.S. I did find the meaning of CMAS RMT (Commercial Mobile Alert System)
Does toggling this change the Default setting from enabling All Alerts to be able to turn it off under the Messaging Settings?
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